Saturday, May 31, 2014

Cooking over a campfire conjures images of an old fashioned chuck wagon. Somehow, the food just seems to taste better.

Food my husband and I recently prepared over a campfire:

First, the prep:  New potatoes, onions, mushrooms, and red pepper

Next the fire starting process:

 Sorry, our fire pit looks a little beat up



Cast iron skillets take center stage

We found a grill at Lowe's that fits over out firepit perfectly!

Potatoes first in a little canola oil

The rest of the veggies

Of course, we had chicken too

Had to use the lid for a while on the veggies

It was a great meal. I want to get a dutch oven so we can cook biscuits, and maybe even cobbler over the fire. We have used charcoal grills, propane, and cooking campstoves, but cooking over the open fire somehow seems more fun and makes us feel like true pioneers! I will be practicing recipes and cooking techniques. Stay tuned for more.

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