Monday, June 23, 2014

Campfire cooking part 2

Ok, last time I cooked over a campfire, I might have (did) burned the biscuits. This time.....
Beautiful rainbow and nothing whatsoever to do with cooking, just wanted to share

Fire ring, check

Roaring fire, check. Now let's get started.

We get our steaks from a local meat locker-fresh and delicious!

Foil around potatoes, cast iron lid to hold in heat, seasoned steaks on grill

Okay, I cheated some, and used the propane stove to cook the corn. It is good grilled as well, but I wanted it this way.
 Are you hungry yet?

This seasoning we got from the butcher, it is Excalibur sweet and sassy garlic seasoning, made in USA (Illinois to be exact), and it is delicious!!!

I'm in heaven... Corn was tender and sweet, steak and potatoes done to perfection. 

Next time, I am trying biscuits again...really, I well, I'll share them in their golden perfection. Please come back again, subscribe, and comment. Share campfire cooking tips and recipes. I'd love to hear from you. 

Happy eating, camping, and campfire cooking. 

Take care, etc


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